If you’ve ever got any enquiries connected to the hosting service in general or you experience a problem with your sites, you will need to contact the web hosting provider’s client support team. It may not make any difference how soon they will reply if you have a general enquiry, but a problem such as an ill-applied application update, for instance, may lead to your site becoming broken or inaccessible on the Internet. And the longer you have to wait for the support team to help you, the longer the website will be inoperational. In case you offer services or goods online, any outage will affect your website adversely and you may lose existing or prospective visitors. Many hosting providers, mainly resellers, handle tickets and e-mails within 24 hours, but in the electronic era that is way too long, since clients will scarcely ever come back to a website that is not functioning properly over a long time interval.
One-Hour Response Guarantee in Shared Website Hosting
In case you are using one of our Linux shared website hosting packages and you have an enquiry or bump into a certain challenge, you can touch base with us 24x7x365 by posting a tech support ticket or by writing an email and we guarantee that you will get a reply in no more than one hour. If the issue can be solved, we’ll do it before we reply, whereas if there is something that you have to do on your end, we’ll give you all the required details – what possible solutions to try, what settings to check, etc. Normally, you will obtain an answer within maximum half an hour, which implies that waiting around for hours or even for more than 1 day to receive support is something out of the question. Our 1-hour reply time guarantee applies to any question that you may have – billing, general or technical.
One-Hour Response Guarantee in Semi-dedicated Hosting
We guarantee that if you submit a technical support ticket via your web hosting Control Panel or send an email associated with your semi-dedicated server, you’ll obtain a response within 60 minutes max. You can touch base with us whenever you like with regard to general, technical or billing issues and because of the fact that we’re on duty night and day, you will invariably get assistance in a timely fashion. Depending on the specific issue or question, we will give you more info, fix the complication if it has been caused by something that is within our reach or inform you how to proceed in case you have to adjust a particular setting for a web app that we don’t have access to. You can forget about waiting around for an entire day for each and every response. As a matter of fact, in most cases we respond to tickets and emails within no more than twenty-twenty five minutes.