If you host your internet sites on a dedicated server, you would expect that they'll perform lightning fast and that the access speed to them will depend solely on the Internet connection of the visitors. Having said that, this is not going to be the case in the event that the server has lousy network connectivity or relies on a network card, which simply just can't deal with high volume of traffic. If this is the situation, it'll take a while for your sites to load if lots of people open them simultaneously or visitors might even see error messages. As a result you might lose customers as in all probability many people will never return to your site in case they have experienced difficulties or slow loading speeds. That's why you should pay attention to the network components of any new hosting server you get and not just to the main hardware like Central processing unit, RAM or hard drive.
Server Network Hardware in Dedicated Web Hosting
In case you host your sites and applications on a dedicated server from our company, you won't just get powerful hardware which can cope with huge load, but you'll enjoy very fast access speed to your content material. All servers feature gigabit network cards and the internal network within our data center in the downtown area of Chicago is designed with the most current equipment to ensure that there will not be any problems even if a large number of people access your internet sites and create a lot of incoming and outbound traffic. We use multi-gigabit fiber routes, thus the loading speed of your site will depend solely on the Internet connection of your website visitors since we've done everything conceivable to supply an infrastructure which permits you to get the most of your dedicated server package. Through our services you shall never need to worry about any interruptions or slow loading speeds of any website.