Total independence from the the other customers

If you are seeking for a more cost–effective way to upgrade to some more effective web hosting solution, Best Rate On’s Linux VPS hosting packages are just the perfect solution you have been searching for.

With Best Rate On, you will be the master of your individual web hosting server and won’t need to divide it with anyone. You’ve got the exact same flexibility that you would have with a dedicated web hosting server. With 100% root admittance, you’ll be able to to switch and change whatever you like and also add any software that you choose.

And if something occurs with your information, we are going to bring back the entire Virtual Private Server from a backup.

Complete root/administrator access to the server

Analogous to having a dedicated server, using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) you’ll get total root access to your web hosting environment. Thus you will be able to change anything on the server as well as to reboot it whenever you need to.

This provides you with the independence to put in applications that generally can’t be installed using a standard website hosting account (ffmpeg, for instance). You can create the video clip sharing portal you have always desired, or possibly a media–rich website with movie converting capabilities.

Last but not least, if you require help with the server, our tech support team is available 24/7/365 to assist you with any problem or issue that you may have.

OpenVZ VPS Hosting

The data center where the servers are co-located has an excellent peering network, including major backbone providers, such as Layer(3), NTT and nLayer, which are among the top network service providers. BGP is used for optimal route selection and automatic failover.

Various datacenter locations

We have been working with Datacenters in the USA, in the UK and also in Australia, in an effort to give you the best place for all of your sites, regardless of what part of the world you reside in. Choosing a data center that’s nearest to your visitors will lead to faster loading speeds for your sites.

Every single data center features exceptional connectivity with the world and a fully dependable network depending on Juniper routers and switches. A 99.9% network uptime is also assured.

Whatever data center you ultimately choose, you can rest assured that all your web sites are in a risk–free place and that there will be a group of admins monitoring the servers onsite. The costs along with the features of our Linux VPS Hosting Packages are exactly the same for all data centers.

You will get more server features than you have paid for

We have always tried to provide the most beneficial offer to our clients and with Best Rate On’s Linux VPS Hosting Packages, each customer can get a lot for what he/she has paid for.

At all times, there are a lot of available assets on the master VPS servers. These resources are offered to any Virtual Private Server that would need them. Which means that even when your Virtual Private Server features 512 MB of RAM, if there are free RAM resources found on the master web server, the Virtual Private Server may use them all provided it requires them, given that it’s not dangerous for the web server.

In conclusion, with our Linux VPS Hosting Packages, you can make better use of your allocated resources and even get extra memory quotas by result of the exclusive virtualization technology suited for your VPS platform.